Shrouded in secrecy: What is Tri-City Regional Sanitary District hiding?

Tri-City Regional Sanitary District Board has been working on this project for over eight years. The Board’s president, Bob Zache, has been actively involved on wastewater boards for nearly 30 years. When asked the most basic of questions about TRSD’s current project, Bob claims he doesn’t know the answer or claims he doesn’t understand the questions. ... more


Mike Fane candidate for Justice of the Peace

Mike Fane candidate for Justice of the Peace... more

A brief history of Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center

In early 2014, the City of Globe commissioned an independent organization to conduct a survey regarding the public interest of an aquatic center. The results showed very favorable for the construction of an aquatic center and locations were suggested by participants of this survey.... more


The emotional aspect of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease has many aspects that are hard to deal with, like a tremor in your dominant hand or freezing when you get nervous and need to get somewhere in a hurry. However, the emotional part involves all of us and is probably the hardest thing to deal with.... more


Thanks to Rock the Block partners

The Copper Basin Coalition would like to thank the over 700 Globe-Miami residents that attended our third annual “Rock the Block” event held on Friday, July 20 at Miami Veterans Park.... more


Thanks to first responders

Miami mayor thanks the Tri City Fire and the City of Globe Fire departments for responding to a late night fire in the Town of Miami on the night of July 23.... more


Confused about what’s going on with the Tri-City Regional Sanitation District? You should be!

TCRSD is pushing forward with a $92-million project that residents will be responsible for paying for, yet the residents will never have a chance to vote. TCRSD established their district so board members can obligate the taxpayers in the district to whatever financial burden the TCRSD board deems necessary.... more


Angel Medina for Miami council

Angel Medina runs for Miami Town Council.... more


National Farmers’ Market Week

Aug. 5-11, 2018 has been declared National Farmers’ Market Week, and like every year we at the Globe Miami Farmers’ Market will be celebrating on Aug. 11. The Farmers’ Market movement has grown in number over the years to be almost 10,000 across the country. This goes to show how important locally grown food is to our economy.... more