Vandals finish 3-8 in the season

Miami— Not too much to say about Friday night in Miami, except for the fact that it seemed as if I was in the state of Pennsylvania.

I know I heard the announcer introduce the Thatcher Eagles but it seemed like the Vandals were taking on the Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz himself, as the Miami defense could not stop the Thatcher offense allowing them to score 56 points in the game. Now that doesn’t mean that there was not some defensive highlights in the game, a truly impressive interception by the highly athletic Matheu  Escobedo, Clayton Huggins penetrates the line twice like a freight train sacking the Quarterback, and Austin Higginbotham getting the big strip sack as the fumble was recovered by Marcos Romero. 
Again it seemed like the game was being played in Pennsylvania, as Miami offense was taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers defense and not a high school defense.

I really wish I had some positive offense highlights to tell you about, unfortunately I don’t. The Vandals offense went scoreless in this game and rarely did they get first downs. Now it did seem that the Vandals roster was particularly small on Friday night, it is unknown whether or not players where ineligible or injured. I did notice that Miami coaching staff did let some of their 2nd string play the game for which I thought was very admirable of them. 
With a 3 and 8 season it wasn’t what any of us where hoping for, but even on the losses we seen our boys always play with heart and hustle and we’ll see what this young team does next year. 
A forever Vandal signing off, and until next season my fellow Vandals we’ll see each other in the end zone.

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