Rim Country Fishing Report

A huge thanks to Roger Coffman, aka Mr. Fish, for his donation of more than 8,000 Tiger Bass, which is a cross between a Florida Strain Bass and a Northern Strain Bass. Mr. Fish, along with AZGFD Aquatics Program Manager Curt Gill, recently released the 2 to 3 inch Tiger Bass fingerlings into Roosevelt Lake. Mr. Coffman told AZGFD that during this last stocking trip a few months ago, he noticed the passion and excitement of local anglers who assisted the Department with the release of Florida Strain Bass and Black Crappie throughout the lake.

It was the passion of the volunteers he observed that convinced him to donate the Tiger Bass. With more than 1 million Florida Strain Bass being released into the lake during the past few years, Tiger Bass will become more common as the Florida Strain Bass spawn with the existing Northern Strain Bass in future years. The Roosevelt Lake water level remained at 69 percent full, while releases downstream continue at a slightly slower rate. The flows into the lake have slowed considerably, with the Salt River flowing at just more than 200 CFPS and the Tonto Creek flowing at 10 CFPS. Summer bass fishing conditions on Roosevelt Lake are good, according to local experienced anglers. Anglers agreed that the 2017 bass and shad spawns appear to have been very successful based on the huge schools of baitfish seen in the water. The amount of bait is driving a reaction bite, as bass chase the large schools. Many reaction bait styles and colors were recently reported as successful. With daytime temperatures reaching more than 100 degrees and the water temperature in the high 70s, anglers are beginning to enjoy fishing during the evening and night-time hours.

Those anglers fishing at night reported using dark colored worms, lizards and jigs. Crappie anglers are beginning to reported improved fishing conditions. Crappie prefer the warmer and more stable weather and will congregate into large schools at this time of year. Small, curly tail grubs and minnow imitation baits are traditional summertime crappie baits. Many trout remain in Rim Country streams and fishing for them is easy and fun. Rim Country lakes and streams are being replenished weekly including Hagiler, Canyon and Tonto Creeks, East Verde River, Woods Canyon and Willow Springs Lakes just to name a few. You can see the entire AZGFD Summer Stocking Schedule at azgfd.gov. Powerbait, small spinner-baits, worms and salmon eggs were all reported successful. Fly anglers are reporting dry fly imitations.

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