Moran bats 1,000 at Batting Range

MIAMI — Miami High School graduate, Dreyvin Moran, won the “I Batted 1,000” award at the Batting Range in Globe on May 22. He had hit 2 perfect games on May 6 and came back on May 22 to swing the bat until he completed 8 more perfect games to meet the challenge. One perfect game consists of hitting all 10 balls straight without a tip or foul.

To do that in the fastest cage with balls coming in between 70 to 80 miles per hour is indeed an accomplishment. He had three months to complete this challenge and he only needed two visits to the cage to succeed.

The witness recording the hits was the Batting Range manager, John Glaze. Eighteen-year-old Dreyvin thanks his father, Mike Moran, for being a big influence in making him love the game of baseball.

As a youngster, he was introduced to the batting range when he attended practice with his Little League team. He says he hasn’t played on the school teams, either in junior high or high school — he says he likes to “just hang out and play with his friends.”

Dreyvin just graduated and plans to attend Scratch DJ Academy in Chicago. He enjoys his talents as a DJ and has done concerts, parties, events, weddings and the Battle of the Bands, working locally and state wide.

He is available to DJ events and his business phone number is 928-961-6165. Dreyvin’s prize for batting 1,000 is a T-shirt, an article and his photo in the newspaper and his name engraved on a plaque at the Batting Range at 201 W. Cottonwood in Globe. Congratulations on a job well done.

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