Monthly Mayor's Report

During the City Council meeting held on March 14, the Council approved the following items. A preliminary plot review plan for a nine lot housing development was approved to move forward to the next step.

This new project is located on East Thornwood and the contractor is Mountain Retreat Builders Development. New housing in our community is a top priority, as discussed in our Council Retreat.

The Council approved the installation of barbecue grills, a security system, and more signage at the Old Dominion Mine Park. This will al be provided by outside funding and installed by volunteers.

During the March 28 meeting, a moment of silence was held for former employee, firefighter Steve Arthur. The date was announced for the first joint Council meeting between Miami and Globe. The meeting is set for May 18 at 6 p.m. in the Inspiration Room at Bullion Plaza. This is an open public meeting, if you wish to attend.

A Proclamation was read proclaiming April as “Child Abuse Prevention Month.” Members of the Catholic Daughters of America were present to accept the certificate.

There were presentations on the Arlington Water Tank and Sign Code modifications and re-alignment. Council approved writing off $12,000 in uncollectable water bill debts.

Budget hearings

The City’s budget hearings continue on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, as we prepare budget for the next fiscal year. The city department heads have been present at these meetings, presenting their future needs and projects.

We thank them for all their extra work, time, and effort to help the council understand the needs of the city and help prioritize future projects as we prepare the budget.

Marketing Task Force Committee

The Marketing Task Force Committee continues to meet every Monday. There has been a great deal of conversation and presentations about how we as a community should move forward to market our city.

The committee is now ready to finalize its findings and develop a strategic plan and proposal to present to the Council. We gained knowledge about our city on how increased marketing will play a key role in our future to increase our revenues, continue to provide high quality customer service, and maintain our infrastructure.

The city thanks all those individuals who have committed their time to this Task Force.

Upcoming events

Here are a couple of upcoming events that you may want to put down on your calendar for April. The Annual East Valley Firefighter Benefit Run will be Friday, April 7 from 9 a.m. to noon on the north Broad Street entrance in front of the Drift Inn.

This event brings more than 1,000 bike riders to the community as part of their poker run to help benefit various charities.

The annual Chamber of Commerce Home Tour is scheduled for April 8 and 9. This event attracts not only local participation, but brings many outside visitors to our city. The Historic Main Street Program and partners will host the Globe Cemetery tour on April 8 beginning at 6:30 p.m. This is a unique and historic walking tour on the history of residents who are buried in the cemetery, dating back to 1876.

Looking good

As you drive through the main corridor of our community, it is great to see the cleanup on the highway and the painting of businesses that is occurring. The pride and energy being displayed by our residents and businesses makes our community more attractive to entice people driving through to stop, visit, shop, and hopefully return again to Globe.

We are always proud to showcase our city, our businesses, and our residents.