Miami tour shows promising future

As the Town of Miami readied for its Centennial Celebration, I took a tour with Councilwoman Susan Hanson on the improvement projects that have been completed and thoses ongoing in this one-hundred-year old historic town.

We started at the “Nash Row” home sites by the Globe-Miami Habitat for Humanity. Sitting at the corner of Nash Avenue and Sykes Street, replacing a burned-out house and vacant structures, are three planned two-story homes designed to nestle in the hillside making an architectural statement in design and function. They will feature common spaces on multiple-levels and building components that compliment this mining town. Three families will have a chance at home ownership via low mortgage and many sweat equity hours.

Our community is fortunate to have a rural chapter of Habitat for Humanity, which also is a partner with our local United Fund. 

We went on the to see the newest project down the street at Bullion Plaza, the Bullion Lighting Project. Miami Genesis and the Bullion Plaza Museum teamed up to get this done. There are 10 vintage style lampposts and six 30’ field lights now surrounding the park in front of the museum. This illumination gives the park multiple purposes, from simply strolling at night through the park safely, to evening activities. 

The lights are the first phase, as there is a sign planned and the final phase being the Bullion Plaza Amphitheater. Funding for the lights and sign has been all in local grant monies. 

The ribbon-cutting for the lighting project is March 10 at 6 p.m. just before the Centennial Dinner at Bullion.

Miami Genesis over the past few years has completed many projects from the painting of commercial building fronts on Highway 60, custom benches and banners, to recently replacing and cleaning the bridge light globes. Currently underway is the painting and curb appeal of modest homes for needy owners. 

Hanson showed me renderings of the planned Bloody Tanks Riverwalk, with sidewalks on each side of the creek, access for businesses on Sullivan Street and Highway 60 for visitors to circulate throughout with ease, changing what is now a rather shabby, empty space and the creek bottom groomed, clean and the nature walk that it should be. 

Miami Genesis, Habitat and the Bullion Museum along with most of the nonprofits in our community succeed in their projects and goals because of the generous contributions of the Consortium, Capstone Mining, Freeport McMoRan, BHP, Resolution and the Globe-Miami United Fund. One hundred years ago the mines and businesses worked together to build the town up and now to preserve the history and restoration of this true mining town.

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