Mayor’s monthly report for February

CDBG Funding

The first reading for the Central Arizona Governments FY-2018 funding was presented at the February 14th meeting by Alan Urban, Community Director.  It is the City of Globe’s rotation to receive this funding in the amount of 417K.  The next step is to complete a priority list of projects to be approved to move forward.  There are three cities that collaborate in this grant and are awarded every three years for a larger amount instead of annually.  The three cities are Globe, Miami, and Superior.    

Registrar Of Contractors

A presentation was given to Council on the results of a meeting held with the Registrar of Contractors in Phoenix.  This was a request by Council to help better understand the requirements of a licensed contractor for commercial buildings.  The council is in the process of reviewing and updating business permits, sign permits, sign code, and building code in a continued effort to help make Globe a “Business Friendly City”.

Resolution 1773

Resolution 1773 was approved by Council for the purpose of designating election dates for the 2018 primary and general elections.  Included in the resolution are deadline dates for filing nomination papers.  There are currently three council seats up for renewal.

Adult Fitness Zone

A letter of support was approved for a grant application by the Gila County Health Department for outdoor adult fitness equipment in the amount of 80K.  The grant funding is available from the Arizona State Parks and Trails and is a partnership between Gila county, City of Globe, Old Dominion Mine Park, and BHP.  If successful on the grant application, this equipment will be installed at the Old Dominion Mine Park for the public to use and enjoy.   


An Intergovernmental Agreement was approved between ADOT and the City of Globe for construction funding on Oak and Hill Street resurfacing and sidewalk updates.  The total cost of the project is $757.002.00 with a city match of $43,149.00.

An application was approved for funding in the amount of $1,000.00 from the local Walmart Community Grant to help support the Fire Department Arson K-9 program.

An MOU was approved between Globe Fire Department and Tri-City Fire District for a joint purchase of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.  This will allow for an application to be submitted to the FEMA Assistance Firefighter Grant funding with a 5% match from the city.  The total amount of the grant requested is $565.025.00.  The total cost to the city is $10,762.00.  The Globe Fire Department will serve as the administrator of the grant responsible for all follow-up reporting.

Upcoming Events

The Clean and Beautiful committee has announced that there will be a highway corridor cleanup on March 24th beginning at 8 a.m.  We need for volunteers to help with this cleanup.  For any questions, please contact, Councilwoman Giles.

The next joint council meeting between Miami and Globe is scheduled for March 19th at the Bullion Plaza Museum at 5:30 p.m.  This is an open public meeting.

The City of Globe Annual Home Tour is on April 7th and 8th.  This event attracts thousands of visitors to our community and showcases many homes and businesses.  On the evening of April 7th, the Downtown Association will host a cemetery tour as an added event for this year’s tour.  For any questions, please contact our local Chamber of Commerce    

Get Involved

I again invite our residents to attend our council meetings so that you are informed with the many different topics being discussed.  Your input is vital so come by and get involved as we move forward to build a Business-Friendly City.

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