Help keep the traditions alive

Throughout the American History, the native people through the country were known for their rich culture. The skills and ideas and the way of life they hold. How they turn raw materials into something useful? How they turn dirt into clay to make pottery? How they used roots of plants for dye or limbs and bark into baskets, or how they used plant stock for musical instruments? Also, the animals they hunted, every part of the animals was used, like the bones as tools and the hide as cover for shelter, and to be able to turn something stiff into something that feels smooth, soft and durable, of all the hours spent and the process it took to bring out the quality of the workmanship of the deer hide. Also, the knowledge that was passed down from generation to generation. In this day of modern technology, there are a few artisans that are still keeping tradition alive and well. So you hunters, save the deer hide and pass it on to be used for something special. Come and experience, what tradition has to offer.

Anthony Belvado