Facebook Page Showcases Adoptable Pets

Gila County Animal Care & Control (GCACC) has created a Facebook page to better serve the county’s current and future pet owners.

The page offers a variety of animal care and educational guidance, while connecting visitors with valuable pet resources, care and licensing discounts, and special events.

The Facebook presence has brought a number of new inquiries about licensing, immunizations, and other aspects of responsible pet ownership. Most notable has been its postings of lost and adoptable animals. Response has been overwhelming, with many posts garnering more than 3,000 views and 15+ shares. Since bringing these online in mid-May, GCACC has quintupled the number of adoptions and increased its live release rate — finding homes for virtually every adoptable dog brought in to its Globe, AZ, shelter. The GCACC page is expected to hit 500 “likes” this week, which is considered a facebook milestone.

“We’re thrilled to improve our support to our community’s pet owners,” said John Castaneda, Manager of Gila County Animal Care & Control. “Our facebook page has been key in outreach. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing lost pets get reunited with their owners or stray animals starting a new life with a responsible adopter,” he added. “We look forward to our county’s continued enthusiasm for the great work that we do.”

 GCACC’s facebook page can be found by visiting www.facebook.com/GilaCountyAnimalCare/ or by searching facebook for “Gila County Animal Care & Control.”

GCACC is a division of Gila County Health & Emergency Management. The division works to maximize public health and safety, protect communities, and improve the lives and livelihood of its residents. Its five departments (including Animal Care & Control) deliver more than 20 programs and services that support nearly every school, public health agency, hospital, and humane society, as well as thousands of individuals every year.

For more information, visit www.gilacountyaz.gov/government/health_and_emergency_services/health_services/animal_control/index.php.

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